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The Theme of Brave New World

             In the novel entitled Brave New World by Aldous Huxley one of the main themes is the inability of science to shut down or eliminate deep-seated human needs. This theme is seen through the characters Bernard, Helmholtz Watson, and Linda. These three characters stand out in the novel due to the fact that they do not quite fit in with the ordinariness which is the Brave New World. These characters are unique in there own way.
             Bernard Marx is one of the main characters of the novel. He is a worker who is attached to the Psychology Bureau. From the beginning of the book, he is singled out for his looks as well as his behavior. Prompted by ulterior motives, he is instrumental in transporting the Savage and Linda to the new world. Bernard is abnormally short, but he makes up for his shortness with his knowledge. He does not fit in at all with society. For example, Lenina's friend stated that his weirdness is attributed to the fact that too much alcohol was put into his blood surrogate (which is false).
             Helmholtz Watson is a strikingly handsome Alpha-plus. By profession, he is a lecturer at the College of Emotional Engineering; he is also a practicing Emotional Engineer and a writer. He feels that there is more to life than the life that exists within the Brave New World. On page 46, while talking to Bernard, he states, "Did you ever feel as though you had something inside you that was only waiting for you to give it a chance to come out?".
             Linda is rather different than the aforementioned characters. Linda is a beta-minus, the mother of John, and the ex-girlfriend of the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning. She gets lost on a visit to a reservation with the D.H.C. and is stranded there until Marx restores her to the New World. She has no abnormal knowledge or beliefs. Linda stands out within the novel due to her motherly instincts towards John that are frowned upon. She once states that she likes being a mother and it brings her great comfort.

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