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             Racism is the worst part of a country. Racism is in a country because of cultural differences. These differences then lead to segregation and then to hate groups.
             Racism started because of cultural differences. The whites thought they were better than the blacks. They thought this because the blacks had different beliefs and views on the way of life. The Freedom Front said, " The escalating situation is to some degree taking on the shape of an ethnic massacre." This complaint was filed with the UN Human Rights Commission. This is an example of cultural differences.
             Cultural Differences then lead to segregation. Segregation was especially hard in South Africa. This then turned into apartheid. Apartheid is the separation of whites and blacks. Even in their own country the Africans could not travel, speak, or even live freely.
             Until 1986, not too long ago, all blacks age 15 and up had to carry passbooks. In these books they stated the place and date of birth, race, and place of employment of the holder. These books also told where the holder could travel, work, and live.
             The black population, which is much larger than the whites, had no say in how their government was ran. The whites and Afrikaners, who saw themselves as better than everyone else ran the Africans government as they saw fit. Most Africans rebelled against this and stood up for their rights. They said the white Oppressors (Whites and Afrikaners) stole their land, destroyed their families, and had taken their goods leaving the worst for them. Many felt the same way, but didn't have the power or resources to fight it.
             The apartheid ended in 1991, but it wasn't until 1994 when the Africans were able to vote in their own country. This is why segregation is part of racism.
             Segregation than leads to hate groups. These groups went against anyone they hated, even if they were children, women, or families. They did this all because they were a different race.


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