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             Racism has been a problem since the very first day that two men of different races met. Moreover, racism is a social problem that has occurred many years ago and it has passed through many faces. It is define as the belief in the superiority of one race over all others or belief that one type of person has got better physical attributes or more intelligent. These beliefs can have enormous affect over the way that one group of people treats another. Color is not only the reason of being discriminated: other reason such as language, and sex. Racism in the twenty first century has three main causes: discrimination of nationality, religion, and gender.
             Some of today's conflicts have taken place among discrimination of nationality. All over the world claims that people with colored skin cause violence, but it is only a stereotype that man had created. Racial discrimination happens when two groups with different skin colors some in contact with each other may cause conflict and avoidance. Some fights break out between two different kinds of race because something has happened to them that have angered them so much that violence appears only to be the answer. Unlike before, today's racial discrimination has decreased because there is a law that prevents racial discrimination. Racial discrimination is often happens when two different cultures meet. For example, black people are offended when a different culture says "nigger or negro" to them. Racial discrimination will always be a problem in the future and there will always be some conflict between two cultures.
             Another cause of today's racism is discrimination of gender. Gender discrimination is defined as how people treat individual differently. Males are believed to be superior to females and when this belief is put into action it leads to females being treated as objects, the last to be hired, first to be fired, and being paid less for equal work.

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