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the truth - true or false?

            Here in this world, our society is basically are all based on what magazines, books, television shows and movies contains. People purchase certain things just because they see it on a "really cool"" commercial on television or an ad in a magazine or newspaper. For instance, the latest acne treatment or the latest footwear or even better yet, smoking ads. But when it comes to smoking ads, do the audience really pay attention to it? When you turn the pages of any teenage magazines like Seventeen, YM and Teen People, it is most likely for you to come across an anti smoking or tobacco ad. But how much do those ads help? Do people really stop smoking because of those ads? Does it really trigger our emotions? We buy the latest acne treatment because we saw it on magazine ads and follow the latest fashion because the latest Abercrombie and Fitch fashions are out. What about coming out with the latest anti-smoking ads? Does it deter people from smoking or tobacco use? I believe that it would be harder since so many people are already addicted to tobacco. As you might notice, most of these ads are most likely sponsored by "the truth"", an independent organization against tobacco industries, funded by the American Legacy Foundation - an independent, public health organization created in 1999 as a result of the Master Settlement Agreement between 46 states and the tobacco industry. .
             If you go to their website at www.thetruth.com, you will probably notice many anti-smoking ads, which I believe, contains some pretty graphic pictures. Most of those ads are either, images of body bags, or dead bodies. However, can graphics like these really trigger the audience's emotions and prevent them from smoking? The answer to this is all depends on the context of this image and the "truth"" behind it all. .
             According to "the truth"" organization, there are approximately 1200 people die from tobacco related diseases everyday.

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