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Letter to Anne Frank

             I have read plays and books based on your diary,and about the reality of fighting for your life, being in hiding living in fear of dying tomorrow, and being a teenager without freedom. I am very sorry you had to suffer and line in fear of being killed just because of your religion. It's very sad you died at such a young age. .
             The world is different now. Everybody has equal rights. It doesn't matter what your skin color, sex, or religion is, we are all equal. There are still prejudice people, but there hasn't been masses of people being killed because of it.
             All people are aloud to visit the local library or go to the ice cream shop. No one group is left out or discriminated. You are free to believe in whatever religion you like. You and your fellow believers won't be singled out and killed for it.
             The war in which you lived in ended when Germany surrendered to allies in 1945. Hitler committed suicide and the concentration camp where you lived was weeks away from liberation when you died. It's a shame you died so young. You would have done great things for the world. You really already have. Since your diary has been published we now know what it was like for you to be in hiding. We got to see how you delt with this awful situation.
             You taught me to never take my family and privledges for granted. I now have a different outlook on life and everything that comes with it. Your story has really helped me become a better person, and I thank you.

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