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How to create a more effecti

            How to Create a More Effective Government .
             Creating a more effective government is a difficult task. National and states governments vary from state to state, yet we try to create a government where everything is fair and equal. But what works in California, may not necessarily work in Kentucky or Florida. So the question we ask ourselves is; "Do we create a National Law?- Or do we let states create their own law, just as long as they are constitutional; no matter how ludicrous they may be? Or how do we tackle the task of dividing and creating an equal budget? How do we determine which areas would get more money than others. Should the money be disbursed to educational programs, or should we focus on more things such as; the beautification of our streets and our cities? These are just a few issues that are discussed in our national and local government.
             Federalism is a system of government in which a written constitution divides power between national government and state governments. Both types of government act directly upon the people and through their officials and laws. Both types of government are supreme within theirproper circle of authority. Both have to agree to any changes to the constitution. In America the term "federal government- is usually understood to refer exclusively to the national government located in Washington. This, however, is not an accurate interpetation of the term as it does not include the role played by other aspects of government concerned with the federalist structure. Federalism can bee seen as a compromise between the extreme concentration of power and a loose alliance of independent states for governing a variety of people usually in a large territory. Federalism has the virtue of retaining local pride, traditions and power, while allowing a central government that can handle common problems. The basic principle of American Federalism is fixed in the Tenth Amendment (ratified in 1791) to the Constitution which states: .

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