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humans should not be manufactu

            The first cloned sheep, Dolly born 6 years ago, died from a developing lung disease. Since her birth, she has caused a sensation around the world, sparking controversial ideas of human cloning (Nuland 128). This lead to people questioning whether or not cloning was really a success. Many people fear the idea of cloning because it is new and misunderstood. The main arguments debated pertain to the immorality of restricted individualism, a violation of an individual's sense of uniqueness, and the constriction of independence by the expectations of their "parents- (Strong 186). However, there are also favorable circumstances to cloning such as the improvement in the field of fertility. Parents, who are unable to conceive naturally, could still have a genetically related child (Strong 185). Cloning has also contributed to breakthroughs in defeating fatal diseases. Religion has also played an important role in the contentious issues of this genetic technology, raising speculation of whether or not research teams are out to replace God in birthing process. The other side of the argument remains upon which people can accept that clones can become different through personal experiences. Therefore, even though there are benefits to cloning, there are many negatives that outweigh the advantageous factors, in the sense that cloning completely violates the clone's autonomy. .
             The dehumanizing nature of cloning shows a complete disrespect toward human life by disregarding clones of their human rights and dignity. For instance, cloning divorces human reproduction from the context of a loving union between man and woman, producing children with no "parents- (Keeler 45). This concept is clearly shown by the production of children who are not created "from an act of love, but are manufactured to predetermined specifications- (Keeler 46), thus placing the clone into a situation where they would not be in the usual environment of love and support a normal family has.

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