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Beauty in the Fashion Industry

             What is beauty? The answer to this question has infinite possibilities.
             fashion industry's view of the ideal woman is seen as perfect to some but horrible to.
             most. In magazines, a woman is seen as beautiful only if she shows curves, is tall .
             and thin with her bones practically coming out of her body. Top models must eat.
             very small portions and exercise vigorously to look the way they do and to keep.
             successful careers but young women do not understand how to go about losing this.
             process and eventually have low self-esteem and/or an eating disorder. .
             Barbie dolls, early childhood toys for girls, are the first influence on young .
             girls' lives. This doll happens to be tall, thin, tan and beautiful. Her appearance is.
             completely unproportioned in relation to the real female body. "Barbie would be.
             five foot six inches tall, have a bust of thirty-nine inches, a waist of eighteen inches,.
             and thirty-three inch hips. Technically, she would not be able to stand up straight.
             without some sort of brace" (Kaplan). Clearly Barbie is not the ideal woman!.
             Childhood even has messages that show what the ideal body should be, but this .
             only gets worse as children become young adults.
             Young women read magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Seventeen and .
             Marie Claire, which are full of images of the thin, tall top models. These models.
             can put you in a trance so to speak. For example, Tyra Banks is one of the top .
             models for Victoria's Secret. She has a great body, a pretty face and now has her.
             own television show for future models. Do you think people would even look twice .
             if these models were what we call average or were overweight? Probably not. The.
             fashion industry defines beauty as the models representing their clothing lines, such.
             as Victoria's Secret or Gap, and most American women have come to believe that.
             that is the definition as well.
             When an average woman looks in the mirror, she is rarely happy with what .
             she sees. Most women think, "Oh my God, my thighs are huge!" or "Wow, I need.

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