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             In the novel 1984 there are many situations that go much deeper than just the words the author states. Many of the actions the characters make can also be related to psychology and the way it explains humans. Things such as dreams, Loneliness, and phobias. These things all play a big role in why humans act in the way they do. These terms also relate to many characters in the novel. Mainly Winston and Julia but also many minor characters are effected the same way.
             Dreams are the hallucinations of the sleeping mind. As stated in 1984 by George Orwell For a moment he had an overwhelming hallucination of her presence.?(Orwell, pg. 230) Dreams can be vivid, emotional, and bizarre(Myers, pg. 198). Dreams are usually marked by negative emotions (Myers, pg. 198). The story lines of dreams are Manifest content. Manifest Content incorporates experiences from the events the day held (Freud, pg. 198). This also relates to when Winston had his dream of Julia (Orwell, pg. 29) This was the sensory stimuli sleeping and environment intruding. Dreams are also considered the key into understanding our inner conflicts (Freud, pg. 199). This explains why Winston had the dreams of his mother falling into the well(Orwell, pg. 28) He was having conflicts with himself and his doings. He was fighting within himself on what he did. Dreams are information processing. This is believed that dreams may help sift, sort, fix experiences in our memory (Myers, pg. 199) Sleep increases following stressful experiences in our unconscious mind (Freud, pg. 469). This also relates to Winston's dreaming of his mother falling into the well or aboard the ship. In his sleep he was hallucinating of the past. His dreams were of memory's of stressful experiences. In some cases the mind shuts out things it doesn't want to recall. Winston doesn't recall his sister at all and the only thing of his father is the soles of his shoes(Orwell, pg. 28). Winston's mind had shut everything out and all he knew is that he had sacrificed their life's for his.

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