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gun control

             BASEBALL IN APRIL .
             The book that I read was Baseball in April by Gary Soto. This book takes place in a neighborhood in California where there are several Mexican-American families living. The neighborhood is a poor place where you see a lot of children out side in the streets playing baseball. The book is told in different point of views from several people that live in the neighborhood. .
             Each story talks about experiences that people in the neighborhood have to gone through. In all of the stories lessons where learned. These lessons are important because the lessons are what the people in the neighborhood needed to get through the poor times. Each of the stories is tied together because in the beginning the boy Alfonso acts young and through out the story the way the characters act shows the development. The narrator is showing his life and the last story called Growing up shows how he had grown as a person from the experiences.
             The theme of the book was growth. In the stories the characters start out young and not knowing much because they had not gone through a lot. As the book goes on the stories show a difference in how situations are handled. In the end how the girl in the story feels she is growing shows the growth.
             In the book the stories take place in a poor neighborhood, the experiences the characters go through is the experiences that people go through that are poor. In the story Barbie all the girl wanted was a Barbie and when she only got an imitation doll it showed how poor the community was and how hard it was for her uncle to get the real doll. I learned that as a Mexican-American the opportunities are a lot less in the neighborhoods they live in.
             This book had a lot of lessons which people can learn from, like to make the best of the situations you are but in. This book was a good book and gives good incite on the Mexican-American culture which makes me want to learn more about it.

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