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             Ford and Chevy, two of the largest rivals in the automotive industry. Ford and Chevy hold many things in common as well as many differences. Although the basic style of their cars are similar, their built structure is not. .
             Ford and Chevy have been competing in the automotive business for well over 70 years. In the mid and late sixties both car companies built cars that I hold a strong interest for. The Ford Mustang and the Chevy Camaro, specifically the 67 mustang and the 68 Camaro. Both of theses cars were built to be affordable muscle cars. They featured uni-bodies and could be purchased with either a V8 or a inline 6 cylinder, making it affordable to more people.
             Although they were both uni-bodies, Chevy had a much more mechanic friendly approach to there structure. The car's front sub frame was able to be removed from the car along with the inner wheel wells and shock towers. Were as the Mustang was built really only to sustain one life. The shock towers and the sub frames were spot welded together and because of the design it was not very strong and would actually stress and get cracks / tears. Once this would happen the cars structural strength along with the steering was cut in half. But because Ford was building it this way they could save money and time and were able to produce more cars.
             Both Ford and Chevy were available with a v8 or inline 6 during this year. Although they had the same amount of cylinders they were quit different. The Chevy v8 was larger at 350 cubic inches and was characterized by a rear mounted distributor and has it's two center exhaust ports located closely next to each other. Chevy motors are easier/simpler to work on than ford and performance parts are cheaper. Ford had a smaller V8 at 302 cubic inches and held a distributor towards the front of the motor. The exhaust ports are all equally spaced and the valve covers hold a different shape. Fords are little bit more complicated to work on and very expensive for performance parts.

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