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Analysis of "Big Brother's Two

            Linda Bowles, author of "Big Brother's Two-Minute Hate", speaks out against the government's scheme-like plan to control and exploit the tobacco companies. Bowles alludes to 1984, by George Orwell, as a comparison of the government's method of mind-control. Both the method found in 1984, and the method used by the government in "Big Brother's Two-Minute Hate", try to manifest a problem, then attempt to intervene and help, ultimately ending as heroes in the eyes of the citizens. Bowles shows her biased side of the argument by making the government sound like it was trying to brainwash the people, and exploit the innocent tobacco companies. Bowles did a poor job of representing both sides of the argument, leaving inadequate information on which the reader could base its decision.
             I feel that this was a poorly written, unsupported, and biased essay that leaves me wondering what the main argument was. I still can not conclude whether the argument was about the corrupt government's scheme of mind control, or determining a solution to the current tobacco crisis. I assume that the argument is about the current tobacco crisis, but it seems as if the information leads me to believe that it is about the corrupt government.
             Bowles states that "What we see is a scheme by the government autocrats to take over a private industry, plunder its wealth, raise taxes-and look like heroes in the process" (10). This statement does indeed imply the fact that the government is corrupt, but there .
             Thompson 2.
             are no actual facts or evidence behind it, thus leading me to believe that this essay is relatively unsupported. Bowles shows no information supporting methods of assisting the current tobacco crisis, which is believed by me to be the topic of argument, nor does she show any other information supporting any points of argument. The information that Bowles did include is very hard to comprehend due to the way in which the essay is written.

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