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1984 and A Brave New World, Two stoies, Two futures

             Throughout history, there have been numerous leaders who have exercised oppressive control over their country. It cannot be denied that the rule of those such as Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin have been both oppressive and evil. However, if questioned about the tyrannical nature of their government, both would probably argue that they have only the interests of the people in mind. In reality, this is not true, as evidenced by the cruel and unjust treatment of the citizens of their countries. Their so-called acts of "purging" are in actuality the arrests of innocent people and the deportation of those people to labour camps. The torture and systematic removal of their own citizens can hardly qualify as being accomplished for the betterment of society. Author George Orwell comments on this type of totalitarian control in his politically controversial novel, 1984. In the novel, it is evident that Big Brother's oppressive control of Oceania is evil and that his government is essentially self-serving, despite its guise of acting in the best interests of the people. Big Brother's evil nature is revealed upon examination of his treatment of the people, his conduct during war, and his lust for power. Big Brother's actions concerning the citizens of Oceania are the first indication of his true nature. .
             It should be assumed that if a government is acting in the best interests of its people, the people should be properly cared for, as their welfare is of utmost concern. The best the government can offer should be available to each citizen and it should be the desire of the government to see the people prosper and experience the greatest joy and contentment with life possible. This is not the case with the superstate of Oceania. Although the Party sets the ideal state of Oceania as being.
             something huge, terrible and glittering - a world of steel and concrete, of monstrous machines and terrifying weapons - a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, .

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