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Is Punishment Necessary

             Punishment is a measure to deal with bad elements, whether in the house, school or society. The naughty child, the lazy child or the criminal should be all punished. Punishment, therefore, is an important tool for maintaining the discipline, law and order.
             Punishment is necessary in some aspects. It prevents people from committing any form of crime. People must be fined for offences such as littering in public places, spitting, smoking in prohibited area. Punishments imposed for such offences help to discipline the society. People will be more careful of what they do in public places, moreover, to improve their dignities, behaviors. Punishment in school is necessary to discipline students. Students should be reprimanded for laziness and misbehaving in school. Punishment is necessary for several crimes like, armed robberies, murder, kidnapping and drug trafficking; punishment for such kind of offences is not only to be fined or reprimanded but to pay by death penalty. If criminals committing these crimes are not punished, then it will be hard to keep law and order in a country.
             Punishment is necessary to make the public and the offender conscious that justice is being done. At the same time, we must also admit that punishment is not always the proper method of dealing with offenders. Studies have shown that the factors considered to be responsible for crimes are undesirable gangs of young people., inadequate parental support and guidance, school drop-outs, family environments, the school system and curriculum, the mass media and other forms of entertainment. Punishment often isolates the person who is punished and makes him a confirmed enemy of the society. This will not only make the society hate the criminal but it also causes the criminal to develop a kind of hatred for the society that has alienated him,.
             Punishment is necessary and at the same time it should not be imposed without studying the background, so that innocent people will not be wrongfully accused.

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