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the hot zone by Ricard preston

            During this Summer Vacation I have read the life of " Mussolini" biography. The author of this book is John Narayan. Narayan is one of India's greatest writers. Ironically, he turned to writing after he proved a failure at teaching, having held two different jods for a grand total of two days. As the son of a prominent headmaster, Narayan grew up in household where education was highly valued, and he was pushed toward an educational career. Though educated at fine private schools, he confesses, he hated school, because he did not like having other people tell him what to do. Eventually, Narayan gained fame as writing a story of Mussolini and The life During World War 11. Narayan writes his fiction in English, Though he was raised in India and still resides in Mysore, the city of his birth. Because India was once a colony of Great Britain, the English language continues to play an important role in India's culture. Narayan has said about his second language, "I was never aware that I was using a different, a foreign language English is a very adaptable language." Narayan has came to written Mussolini Biography because as a young child he idol Mussolini as a Dictator. The first time I saw the Mussolini biography in Washington Post, I thought that it would be Boring but my opinion was wrong I had learned so many things about him.
             Mussolini founded Fascism and ruled as Dictator of Italy almost 21 years. As a dictator, Mussolini took the Title Il Duce, the leader. He abolished the Roman Catholic youth organizations, and improved relations with the Roman Catholic Church by signing an agreement with Pope Pius. This gave the Pope temporal powers in Vatican city. Mussolini was born on July 29, 1883, in Dovia, Italy. His mother was the village schoolmistress, and his father, a blacksmith. Mussolini was taught in an elementary school for a short time. In 1902 he went to Switzerland, and earned his living as a workman.

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