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Richard Preston

            Richard Preston is probably most famous for his work on the book called "The Hot Zone." This started his road to fame as this it one book that was a #1 bestseller based on a true story of the outbreak of Ebola around Washington D.C. some time ago. His true stills of writing are probably best told through his books about viruses and diseases. He was able to describes the terror of virus outbreaks upon this world like no one else can. His work on the "cobra event" outlines the terror that's in biological weaponry and terrorism. This thriller was his was also a big hit as fox bought it for $3,000,000 in 2000. Both his books, he has done massive studies in the fields of disease and bio-warfare. Preston has won many awards for his books. This included the McDermott Award in the Arts from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Overseas Press Club of America's Whitman Basso Award for the best reporting in any medium on environmental issues for "The Hot Zone." He even won an award for one of his less known books called the "first light" Preston was not only a successful book writer, he also worked as a journalist in the beginning of his writing carrier. Since then he has written for: the New York Times, Washington Post, National Geographic Traveler and is a regular writer for the New Yorker since 1985. And before this, Preston graduated summa cum laude from Pomona College in California. Later studied in Princton and earned his phd in English. It seems that writing runs in his family as both his parents encouraged he and his brother to study in writing while they were growing up in Wellesley, Massachusetts. Richards's brother (Douglas) is also a well-known writer for his work on the book "Relic and Reliquary." But now he has moved to New York with his wife (Michelle) and three kids.
             This book starts of with the mysterious death of a little girl in the middle of class in New York and the death of a hobo some years ago.

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