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Cobra Event

             Is The Cobra Event by Richard Preston an example of quality literature? Yes it is. It has a great plot, engaging characters, and a timeless theme. The Cobra Event tells the story of a terrorist who tries to kill off the world with his own virus. Like smallpox his virus is very contagious. But thank god he is stopped by a taskforce put together by the F.B.I and CDC. .
             The plot to the story is incredible. Everything that happens is like a piece of a puzzle. As you read you can kind of tell what the puzzle will look like when it's finished. But as the plot thickens it is harder to tell what is going to happen next. The ending of the book is something that will shock and amaze you.
             The author of The Cobra Event does a great job with the characters. He makes it feel like you know the characters. You feel what they feel. How Austen, one of the main character fears that she will never see or hear of her father again. So she calls her father in the FBI jet to Washington. How the characters go through many challenges. Like how Hopkins has to disarm one of the two biological bombs in a cramped subway tunnel hanging up side down. Or the struggle Cope has to escape the task force as he is trapped in his own apartment. The virus is the most important character in the whole book, how it scares completely. .
             The theme is timeless. Good against evil and of coarse good defeats evil. How a terrorist threatens the world with a biological virus. The Cobra Event is every thing that we have feared since September 11, 2001. So it effects the way you think about biological weapons.
             All in all The Cobra Event is a great example of quality literature. It has great plot, engaging characters, and a timeless theme. It is something you should definitely read if you have the chance. Although it is a little long. In conclusion The Cobra Event by Richard Preston is good quality literature. .

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