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            In chemical reactions inside the body, poisonous substances are sometimes made one of these substances is hydrogen peroxide, which can be broken down into simpler, safer chemicals. These are water and oxygen.
             H2O2 H2O + O.
             To help us do this more quickly we have Enzymes. Catalase is the enzyme which allows this reaction to take place and is found in the liver. Other living materials also contain catalase, e.g. potatoes. These are cheaper and easier to hand and are useful for experiments.
             I predict that the bigger surface area of the potato chip, the more bubbles of oxygen will be produced.
             I think my prediction will be correct; one example of this happening is when I chew my food it has to be chewed into a larger surface area so that it can be broken down much easier. This proves my prediction should be correct.
             How to make this a safe and fair test.
             To make this a safe test I will need to wear goggles at all times when carrying out this experiment because if a drop of hydrogen peroxide touches my eye it could damage it severely. I also need to wear polythene gloves to protect my hands when I am pouring the hydrogen peroxide into the measuring cylinder, if the hydrogen peroxide was to get onto my hand it could burn my skin and if I have a scab on my hand it could burn into the inner part of my skin. To make this a fair test I will need to cut the chips exactly to 5cm and when I cut them into pieces each piece has to be cut accurately so that the surface area will equal on each piece. I also need measure out 50cm3 of hydrogen peroxide exactly each time and when the reaction has been completed I will need to count the number of oxygen produced by looking at the g1ass burette and measuring it exactly. .
             Method .
             1. First I collected all the apparatus which were required :-.
             • A clamp.
             • A tub.

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