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Victorious Throw

            Sports play an important role in the life of many people. It makes people healthier and it is a good way of spending free time. If you ask anyone about health, practically all the people will say that sports influence health, and people should do sports. Sports matter to us all - to individuals, to families and in bringing people together for a common aim, to communities at every level We know sports offer friendship, rivalry, enjoyment and challenge, and we know, most of all, sport is not just about being healthy and fun. In sports people can check themselves in an extreme situation and get answer the question: "Can I be a hero or not." .
             There are many kinds of sports, where people can check themselves and feel like a hero. Judo is one of those sports, which is a defense mechanism in our aggressive modern life. Judo training meets all the principles required by sports physiologists and helps the body create a strong delivery system by maintaining fitness. When I was young, I used to go on judo for five years and I will never forget the day, when I helped my college team win the gold medal.
             It was a usual day in my life. I participated in judo contest between all colleges in my city. The total quantity teams were 18 and even taking the third place was guarantied participation in the championship of country, but my team and I was dreamed only about first place. Before the last day of the competition my team had a good chance for take first place, but our last opponent was a very strong team who had won the competition the year before. .
             We were supposed to fight five times and before the last match the score was 2:2. The last fighter from my team was myself. I put on my kimono and the coach said," Just do the warm-up you needed to do. You have been training long enough to know what you need to do." I liked to warm-up by doing sub-movements that were needed in a range of techniques, such as bridging, sitting-out and "escaping the hip".

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