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Kobe Braynt's Case

            The Kobe Bryant sexual assault case have reignited the debate the laws and policies that have evolved in the past two decades that attracted many attention from all sources of media and the public. One of the articles I've read written on widewordofsports.com indeed took another step further into Kobe's case by posting "Kobe- I Hope You"re Guilty" which caught my attention. I've found the article is very controversial and it given me a couple of thoughts in mind. But I asked myself why there is such an obsession with Kobe Bryant's case in the first place. What is exactly is it we"re hoping to learn? The author's opinion obviously shocked me with his title of the article in order for me to take a glance at it. So I have it read thoroughly to observe his idea. He gave a couple of key factors to support his thoughts: such as the media, the prosecutor, and the accuser. But that is just a matter of what "he said, she said". It can't make suggestions to achieve any justice for the case. That reason making this article differ with it suggestion that Kobe should be guilty beyond reasonable doubt. This kind of speculation is one of the problems with people today. We can't wait until the dust settles and the facts are given before we start creating our own scenarios. In general, I think the author he needs to ask himself what if Kobe is falsely accused and why does he feel betrayed if Kobe is found not guilty?.
             In my opinion, I think it is our natural instinct to assume the accused is guilty as it is like seeing someone in handcuffs makes us assume he's dangerous. In Kobe's case, I have no idea whether he committed the crime, but as a reader, I have a remark to the written article. Assuming the first scenario is true that Kobe is guilty of the charge. His credibility/career is over and will serve a sentence up to life in prison. Perhaps, even when he released, his image will always be labeled a "rapist" similar to Tyson.

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