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Ethiopian Famine

            One of the main problems with Ethiopia today is the fact that it was originally a country whose economy and strength in the region depended heavily on agriculture. The reason there is so much hunger and problems related therein is because the growth rate of major crops increased at a decimal rate where the population grew exponentially. To counter this Ethiopia developed a program to counter and that would focus mainly on making Ethiopia's economy entirely dependant on agriculture. In order to do this, it became necessary for the government to start pushing the land with all its might so that they might be able to create enough food to feed the ever-growing masses of emaciated thousands. Included therein was the supply of fertilizers, additional and more advanced irrigation, and an over extension of the countries soil. This program might fix things in the short run, but will it be the same in the long? To answer this question one must understand how Ethiopia came to be such a malnourished and poor country.
             Basically, what happened to Ethiopia was that they started in the early seventies producing crops that brought in great amounts of money but tore apart the soil. Such crops as Cotton and Potato's did the worst possible things to the soil and although at the time there was money to be made, many years down the line things would be much worse. Additionally, there was a large potato famine that wiped out most of the economy which was so heavily based on agriculture, leaving the country poor and starving. Additionally, Ethiopia suffers from a horrible drought season where the water, which is not plentiful to begin with, comes to be nothing. In the future things like this can be prevented. It is only through knowledge however that the human race can ever hope to coexist with the rest of earth.

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