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The Hobbit

             Bilbos occupation, at the beginning, was working on his garden and tea parties with friends, and during the book, he was a burglar for Thorin and Company. "Bilbo invited Gandalf over for tea so they could talk things over and because Bilbo avowed that he would invite anybody over for tea if they wanted to stop by, so they could talk about things." Tolkien was giving the reader the idea that Bilbo was kind and would love to have anyone to tea any day. Bilbo also shows the reader that he will always be delighted to have company any time. Tolkien was telling the reader that Bilbo loved having tea because that was the kind of hobbit he was, laid back and enjoyed life. "Bilbo knew his role on this journey was to be the burglar of the bunch." Tolkien was giving a hint to the reader that it took Bilbo sometime to get enough courage in him to pick pocket one of the gigantic trolls. Tolkien was showing the reader that Bilbo knew that he had to do something burglar type to show Thorin and Company that he truly was a burglar. Bilbo knew he was taking the risk of getting caught, but he took that risk (even though he got caught) to prove to himself that he could do anything he wanted to if he tried. "Bilbo was groping around till he found something that did not blong to him and just slipped it into his pocket. Bilbo thought that he just got lucky and found the ring, but he did not even think that it could belong to someone. Tolkien showed us that Bilbo did not care at the moment who the ring belonged to or what its purpose was. Tolkien was also showing us that Bilbo thought it was an ordinary ring that had know use at all, but sooner or later he will find out what this ring is all about and why he was lucky for finding it.

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