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Alcohol Laws

             Not many people can name any rights people don't obtain when they are of the age of 18 besides one, the right to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. This right that is obtained when a person is 21 years old is constantly debated. In 1984, Congress passed the National Minimum Purchase Age Act, which encouraged states to change their laws. The actual bill required all States to raise their minimum drinking age to 21 within 2 years or lose a portion of their Federal-aid highway funds. This was used to combat the high drunk driving accidents occurring at that time. When this act was passed both the States and the youths rights were taken away. .
             On July 5th, 1971 the 26th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was formally certified by President Nixon. This amendment grants the right to vote for all U.S. citizens 18 years old or older. The "age of majority" is a legal term that used for the age a person becomes an adult. When a person is at this age, a person is given many responsibilities, from buying property to holding political office. Yet, the right to purchase alcohol is denied. You can buy property, tobacco and a business but you can't buy alcohol. The arguments that changed the minimum voting age should still hold for the minimum drinking age. The saying of that time was, "if I"m old enough to die for my country, then I"m old enough to vote." It then seems that you could change the vote to drink and have a good argument. .
             When talking about responsibilities its hard not to mention gun laws. There are some amazing, almost mind-blowing, facts about minimum age for possessing guns. As of the year 2000, Seven U.S. states don't have a minimum age from buying a rifle from a private seller. Any one, at any age can have a rifle or a shotgun. 18 states have no minimum age for possession of these guns, and 13 states have a minimum age between 12 and 16. Right now it would be illegal for an 18 year old to buy a beer but he could go purchase a shotgun.

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