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American Family

             He lives with both his Mom and Dad in a nice house. Both of Parker's parents work full time jobs. His Mom is a nurse at the nearby hospital and his Dad is a teacher at an elementary school. Because both parents have full time jobs, Parker gets to enjoy on some of life's luxuries like going to Disney Land, or to one of the Six Flags Amusement Parks. Parker's Mom and Dad are closely bonded to each other and share a very strong relationship with one another. Parker picks up on this and knows just exactly how close they are. It is not uncommon for Parker to see his parents hug or kiss each other, and they also frequently hold hands. This type of behavior does not make Parker uncomfortable in any way, in fact, Parker wishes that one day he could share in a relationship like theirs.
             Parker's family lives in a section of town where crime is not too common and all of the neighbor kids can be seen outside until nightfall with no worry of gangs or violence. Most of Parker's friends are in a group called KFC, which stands for Kids For Christ. When Parker is not busy taking part in KFC events, you can find him playing basketball or baseball, and he is also a member in the school play.
             Parker carries his enthusiasm home with him too. He helps out with dishes and cleans his room every week. As a result Parker receives a well-earned allowance. Parker knows how important money is and values his allowance pay very much.
             Now that I have introduced you to Parker and his lifestyle, let's get to know Kayla. Kayla is not near as lucky as Parker is. Kayla was born out-of-wedlock and to this day she still has not met or seen her biological father. She lives with her Mom in a low-income apartment. Kayla's Mom works hard just like Parker's parents, but with one income it is not the same. Because Kayla's Mom works two jobs she hardly ever gets to spend time with Kayla. When Kayla's Mom is home and has free time on her hands she is more than likely going to be spending it with her boyfriend.

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