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hidden remedy

             Society produces and maintains heroes such as Beowulf, to give them an example of moral hope that provides them with a way to survive the redundancy of their lives. The lives of most people in this world aren't filled with great adventures or amazing travels, but with boring, routine tasks, which cause their downfalls into a deep pit of monotonous despair. To save them from this state of being, people invent stories like those of great warriors, and epics, like Beowulf. Beowulf provides a panacea to civilization's routines by inspiring the relatives of a working mind. Beowulf's adventures are an incendiary of hope; the diversity of Beowulf's epic who "drove five great giants into chains" and "swam in the blackness of night, hunting the monsters out of the ocean," parallels reality. The hardships that a human may face are only tiny compared to what Beowulf has conquered. But the innuendo of a man overcoming extraordinary accomplishments such as "Ending the grief, the sorrow, and suffering forced on.helpless people" inspires one with a metaphysical freedom from personal hardships and boredom. Heroes were created by a downtrodden society to save, as speculations of the mind and distractions from the world destroy the people. Imagination is a freedom from these adversities. It is the ticket to escape from people's mundane despair and the idea that they can continue their own aspirations and break their regular routines to become great. The use of legends has evolved with human culture. Mythical and legendary heroes serve as a hammer to break the molds of social conformity through the hardships they overcome and the obligations of hope and aspiration they have imbued. .

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