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Features of Shakespeare's Macbeth

             A Fabulous quote by Barbara Kingsolver, in "High Tide in Tucson" referring to how art is forgotten around the world, while centuries into the past art was the way of communication and living. It outlines art as the rescue to problems and great way for further friendship. "Antidote"(page 1), detonating a medicine or other remedy counteracting the effect of poison and other disease. Containing this word, the author would refer to art as a relief, and a recovery, which it makes to human civilization. It simplifies friendship, as well as the soul connection of people while they are interacting with it. This outlines, and persuades the reader, that art is the solution to all problems. Even though she uses art as an example to a positive factor, the sentences are filled with negative adjectives, such as "numbness"(page 1). The denotation of this word brings bad memories to many, since most "antidotes"(page 1), are connected with poison, while the hidden connotative message behind this irony is considered of all the positive factors art contains. This controversy brings argumentative responses, depending on the way the reader feels while reading this quote.
             Imagery PEEL.
             The poem "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" looks up to the beautiful ideals in humanity. It implies perfection among our civilization, and the idea of a never-ending life cycle. "Blue, glossy green, and velvet black"(string 7), these are examples of all the colours of the terrifying underwater creature living and following their sailing ship. The author creates this breath-taking picture, to show the true hidden meanings behind this phenomenal poem. Denotations are used among the first stanza. "Beautiful" meaning, perfection among the men. A connotation of this word would imply to the surrounding nature. The flowers, uniqueness, and all the beautiful parts of the world they passed while on their journey.

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