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women in literature

            The women in the 1950's fall into two categories. The first category is made up of those women who believe that a woman's place is in the home, in the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant. The second category consists of women who have a more modern way of thinking.
             In this era, people were just beginning to regain their financial stability after having lived through The Depression. Women, who at one time had no thought of working in the outside world were forced to seek employment due to the dire straits caused by The Depression. These women once believed themselves incapable of being anything more than a wife and a mother. Once they entered the workforce, they realized that they had much more to offer than parental guidance and bread recipes.
             In her books, "The Velvet Hammer", "Men are Such Fools", and "Woman On Her Way", Faith Baldwin tells the story of three such women. Meg Brand, Lena Lawrence, and Meg Lewis were women of the modern world. They believed that women took a share in the responsibilities of maintaining their homes and their lifestyles. These three women no longer allowed themselves to be dominated by the men in their lives. They were free thinkers. They were independent women who refused to allow themselves to be dominated. They refused to go back to being the subservient women they once were. They wanted to show the world that a woman could be just as intelligent and aggressive as a man.
             Faith Baldwin's women characters proved themselves in the business world, by going after and attaining positions that were dominant over the men and that were once held only by men. Once they acquired these jobs there would be nothing that would make them relinquish these positions. Nothing could ever stand in their way, not even marriage, children, or a household that refused to see things their way.
             Lena Lawrence, of "Men Are Such Fools" and Meg Lewis of "Woman On Her Way", were two such women.

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