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             Scott Fitzgerald is an interesting piece of literature filled with many different plots and characters. But the main character in this novel is a man named James Gatsby. Gatsby, as they call him, has dreams just like everyone else in the world. Things he wants to do and things he just wants. The only problem is that he will do anything to get it. This doesn't sound bad until he starts bootlegging and even drug dealing. But no one knows if he really does these things. Anyway, the main thing that he wants in his life is a woman named Daisy. He will do anything for her. But of course, things get in his way.
             One of the main things in the way of Daisy is the fact that he hasn't seen her in over four years. During these four years she had met a man, a very wealthy successful man named Tom Buchanan. She is faithful to him even though he isn't a very good husband. He supposedly loves her dearly yet he still goes around. The worst part is she knows but yet doesn't say anything because she is with Gatsby. Also Tom thinks low and bad about him. After one of Gatsby's house parties Tom says, "Who is this Gatsby anyway, some big bootlegger?"(114). With that he probably thinks that Gatsby does wrong things to earn his money.
             Some things he does to show that he wants to get with Daisy are the different parties and meetings he has to see her or impress her. His parties aren't as nice as they should be because they are open house parties so many free loaders and poor people come also. One of the meetings with her was set up by Nick, a friend of Gatsby. Once Gatsby is with Daisy there isn't much more parties.
             He ends up dying before he fulfills his main dream. He never got Daisy completely, because he was murdered while resting in his pool by someone who thought that he had killed his wife Myrtle. He is rich and famous but he hasn't got Daisy. Like I said before he will do anything for his dreams.

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