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            The number of women in the armed forces has grown substantially with the establishment of the all-volunteer force. With this increase in numbers, came an overwhelming pressure to open more career fields to women, over 250,000 positions to be exact. Integration of women into combat roles will bring a negative impact upon the United States Militarys' morale, readiness, and cohesion. Some may argue that adverse affects and additional burdens on combat units are justified on grounds of equal opportunity. Hundreds of years of military experience should not be disregarded just to make society happy; otherwise, military leaders will have a price to pay with many lives. It has been proven that on the average, women have a lower physical capacity and have psychological differences than that of men. Women have a void in the ability for aggression; therefore, women require more provocation to act in a stressful situation such as combat. Rigorous standards for combat should not be compromised just to be politically correct. Todays military is more about equal opportunity instead of being concerned with operational effectiveness. Morale plays a large factor in how effective a unit will perform.
             An issue that is repeatedly debated among service members is the impression that promotions and awards are given under a different standard, giving an unfair advantage to women over men. This perception can create morale problems and could lead to resentment. A great example of double standards is present in the United States Marine Corps boot camp. Major General Gene Deegan, Commanding General at Parris Island Marine Corps Recruit Depot said, "If I were to maintain the same intensity for women in training as the male recruits, I would have a very difficult time recruiting any females, and if my recruiting mission stayed the same, I would fail in my recruiting mission." Another epidemic that is degrading today's military effectiveness is dating within units.


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