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            Various events or developments have created tremendous changes in the ways that Americans live their lives/ Revolutions the United States history have affected all parts of American society, economics, politics and technology. The Prosperity Revolution and the American Revolution have had a significant impact on the United States. The Prosperity Revolution helped modernize America and the American Revolution gave us our independence and made us the strong country we are today. .
             The Prosperity Revolution such a big impact on American life during post WWII when the men came home they all wanted to get away from the masses of the city life and moved to "pre-fab" communities for a nice, safe place to raise a family and there was an increase of construction of highways and expressways. Because there was a huge reliance on automobiles to make for easy commute to work from these "pre-fad" communities just outside the city. During WWII while all the men were at war women took the responsibilities or working and after WWII the women returned back to there homes to cook, clean, and take care of there children. 1945 through 1960 the was the baby boom ironically after the men returned home from war there was also consumerism when all new products came to save time like the dishwasher, washer and dryer. These products created more leisure time such as television, films, radio and mass media. The Prosperity Revolution had great importance to the growth of the United States it lead to an increase in size of government, because President John F. Kennedy made the space program and the Peace Corps. President Lyndon B. Johnson had a series of programs enacted in the 1960's to combat poverty and racial discrimination.
             The American Revolution also had a significant impact on the United States. The circumstances that caused this was Britain was over taxing American Colonies and abusing their natural rights so American wanted to overthrow the British government and come up with their own.

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