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Year Round Schooling

            Every parent wants their son or daughter to succeed in life and to do so a child must attend school. However, when does it get to a point where there can be too much school? Year-round schooling may seem like it would increase the students learning abilities and their tests scores, but in actuality year-round schooling is hectic, costly, and not at all what it seems.
             There are a multitude of reasons why year-round school isn't such a good idea. For instance traditional summer is eliminated forcing families to cancel vacations. If families were unable to go on vacations the countries economy would fail due to the fact that much of the states income comes from tourism that occurs mostly during the summer.
             Another factor, though somewhat hidden, is the cost for yearlong schooling. If schools were to start in August, schools must cool facilities for children during the hottest month of the year costing unnecessary utility expenses by starting early, as opposed to starting after Labor Day in September.
             Moreover, parents are concerned due to the fact that it would be difficult to provide substantial child-care for four intersession breaks than for one long summer. Parents are also concerned about their child's athletic activities. Where as they would participate in practices and games on weekdays in the summer, the participant would be unable to attend since they are in class. .
             More and more states are realizing the realities of year-round schooling. For instance, Oregon, who for some years had been experimenting with year-round schooling, has dropped the idea when as many as 90 percent favored a change to the traditional calendar.
             Though year-round schooling may seem like it would increase a students academic records, there is no evidence that.

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