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Mankind and war

            Through the history of mankind, war has always been an important part of this world. Each country or empire, if it's the case, trough their personal seek of power has used violence, manifested in wars, to obtain or try to obtain more power, glory, wealth, recognition and control of the world. Every great empire has attempted to rule the world; but not one has accomplished the task. The " beauty" of war, if we can say there's something beautiful about it, is that is very easy to justify and almost anything can be valid to start a war. Now a days is just a little more difficult; but not quite enough. Take for example U.S.A., Germany, the Palestinians, the Jews or the terrorist all around the world, who are in constant war. .
             We have seen different types of war in the first part of the course. As I said before, war is easy to justify and in each work we have covered it is justified in different ways. Take for example Beowulf. In Beowulf we see different kind of wars being unleashed; we see the conquering, adventurous kind of war in the character of Beowulf and his kind, but with Grendel we see an attack. Grendel's war is because of all the time he suffered with the constant harassing of the humans, they kept disturbing him until he lost it. We see in Grendel hate, revenge, anger, etc.; and in Beowulf we see power, glory, heroism and honor. Beowulf loved to fight and there was no other way for him to die than to die with honor fighting. Every time he fought he was seeking glory and honor like he said before his last fight with the dragon: " I risked my life often when I was young. Now I am old, but as a king I shall pursue this fight for the glory of winning, if the evil one will only abandon his earth-fort and face me in the open". He had nothing to loose, no mater the outcome of the fight Beowulf would have his honor intact, because if he losses he had gone in glory and courage, but if he wins he would be even grater.

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