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            I choose to do my paper on promotion because without proper advertising consumers would not be aware of any new products and services. So many times I brought something because I seen a commercial or newspaper sale section. .
             Promotion is communicating information between seller and potential buyer to influence attitudes and behavior through advertising, publicity, or discounting. It is part of the four P's that make up a marketing mix in which includes price, product, place and promotion. The basic promotion objectives are informing, persuading, and reminding relates to AIDA model. The AIDA model consists of four promotion jobs getting Attention to make customers aware of company products, hold Interest to get customers to remember when shopping , arousing Desire inform customer need and want of product, and obtain Action the customer purchase decision.
             On May 8, 1886 a pharmacist named Dr. John Pemberton invented Coca-Cola syrup. Pemberton's bookkeeper suggested the Coca-Cola because of the two ingredients found in the syrup which were coca leaf and kola nut. For a better look in advertising he changed the spelling of kola with a C. Coca-Cola was a medicine that contained traces of cocaine. The first year sales of Coke averaged nine drinks a day adding up to total sales for that year of fifty dollars. Pemberton took a loss because the year expenses were just over seventy dollars. In 1888 Pemberton sold the company and died shortly after. The use of cocaine was controversial and the company decided to use only coca leaves. It also stopped advertising as a medicine for headache and other illnesses. .
             The Coca-Cola Company use a combination mass selling, personal selling, and sales promotion. Mass selling is communicating to large numbers of potential consumers at the same time. Coca-cola advertises in magazines, newspapers, radio, television and signs. Most of the TV and radio commercials have a celebrity endorsement to appeal to the youth.

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