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Texts Comparison

            Composers of texts will draw upon many techniques and ideas to describe the Aboriginal experience. To achieve this purpose, composers structure texts in order to make readers/viewers experience what they feel. In the texts "No Sugar" by Jack Davis, "Wild Cat Falling" by Mudrooroo, "Radiance" the film and item three from the stimulus booklet, the experiences of Aboriginal people are expressed in a way encouraging the reader/viewer to sympathise with them. Through selection of detail and the choice of language and visuals, the Aboriginal people are represented as having been unfairly treated in a European dominated society, as well as their struggle to achieve a position in society. Their rights and treatment differ from the rights and treatment of a white person.
             In the extract "No Sugar" the Aborigines are represented as fairly uneducated. They live in a forced dependence on European authorities because people refuse to pay them properly for working. Milly and Gran, The two Aboriginal characters in the play, are strong minded and determined to convince the European sergeant that they and their family are being unfairly treated. Irony is used to convey these messages. For example, when the sergeant announces that soap rations have been stopped, Milly and Gran are appalled. The sergeant goes on to suggest they buy some, and that the three "lazy" men in the family are "bludging off" and that Milly and Gran should work harder to earn money for such luxuries. Throughout the passage, such issues as imprisonment and slavery are touched on such issues as imprisonment and slavery are touched on briefly, in order to provide the reader/audience with insight into just how serious the unfair treatment towards Aborigines was.
             The choice of language plays a significant role in the play "No Sugar". There is an obvious contrast between the slang, harsh and uneducated language of Milly and Gran, and the polite and educated language of the sergeant.

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