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System Model

            What are the inputs, outputs, and throughputs of the system model? .
             Outputs, inputs, and throughputs are all important components of the Nepalese Village model. An output is when the information becomes useless and energy and matter are wasted. Inputs are things that enter a system, such as energy, information, and matter. .
             Throughputs are the accumulations and flow of information, energy, and matter throughout the system. .
             Some inputs that are apart of this model are village owned tree nurseries and family planning clinics .When there becomes a shortage of trees, village owned tree nurseries become very affective, because they help grow trees and replenish different species of trees throughout the environment. Family planning clinics help decrease illiteracy and over- population in a village by assisting families in becoming prepared to live a more organized life. Village owned nurseries and family planning clinics are examples of inputs because they bring information, matter, and/or energy into a system. A few throughputs that exist in the village model are that of the migration to lowlands, erosion, and loss of arable land. These three environmental problems result over time as energy, information, and matter flow through the system. Migration to lowlands is for the most part, a result of overpopulation. Erosion is a result of flooding, monsoons, mini-dams, and overgrazing and is a leading cause for the loss or arable land which can be used for farming. Reforestation is needed in the model due to the commercial use of trees for things such as firewood, and overpopulation. .
             The Nepalese village model is one that is filled with inputs, outputs, and throughputs all of which are connected to one another. Inputs lead to throughputs and result in outputs. It is very important that the Nepalese learn this cycle in order to prevent many of the throughputs which could one day result in the destruction of their environment.

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