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Course Syllabus - Systems Analysis and Design (SAD)

             The course is an introductory course for non-Computer Science students whose course background is related to business and financial management. The course is designed as a practical approach rather than technical to help students learn the methods and principles of information systems development. Coverage of this course includes processes of data gathering, system planning and analysis, as well as the required tools and techniques in SAD. Students will also learn to work as a team in developing designs for information systems. .
             Course Objectives.
             At the end of this course, the students are expected to:.
             1. Analyze existing systems by applying the tools involved in systems analysis and design.
             2. Make recommendations based on system analysis made.
             3. Apply the tools in system analysis based on the needs of organizations.
             Course Reference.
             System Analysis and Design Methods by Jeffrey L. Whitten and Lonnie D. Bentley.
             System Analysis and Design 6th Ed. by Kenneth Kendall and Julie Kendall. Singapore. Prentice- Hall International Inc.
             Assignments are given every week in order to prepare the students for the next week's course discussion and exercises. Other than that, homework assignments may be given to reinforce whatever material or topic discussed in class. Completion of these assignments is crucial to the students' success in the course.
             The project is to design and implement a database for a real-world application chosen by the students. Ideally, the project is chosen to meet an actual organizational problem that the students are familiar with or can find out about in the first few weeks of the term. Students work as a group of five (5) for the project. Each student will have to participate and present their project based on the roles they take as a group member.
             Quizzes and Exams.
             Short quizzes will be given, announced or otherwise, throughout the course to assess the students' understanding of the topics that had already been discussed.

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