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Golf Course Design

            Golf courses are a very beautiful thing, one can view a golf course as a giant jigsaw puzzle. The different pieces are tees, fairways, greens and bunkers. Designing a golf course is a very difficult task. The thinking behind each and every hole has to be perfect. The first thing you should be thinking about when designing a golf course is the golfer. You can not build a course that is impossible to play, you should try and let the golfer see the hole, show him where he should be going and the trouble that is out there. Designing a golf course is just like putting pieces of a puzzle together. The first piece that you want to start on are the tees. Tee boxes are probably the most basic element of a golf hole (Nicklaus). A tee box is very simple, but you want to make sure that a large percentage of the tee box is usable because it costs anywhere from fifty cents to a dollar fifty per square foot (Nicklaus). As for the size of the tee box you want to use eight thousand to nine thousand square feet of tee space for par threes (Nicklaus). Par threes will use the most tee space because they take the most punishment. On par fours and fives you want to use between five thousand and six thousand square feet (Nicklaus). These tees do not take as much punishment because people are hitting drivers which swoosh across the grass instead of leaving divots. When building tee boxes on a golf course you should have at least four tee boxes per hole. The front tee box is for the ladies, the next one is for men who are average golfers, the second to last tee box are for above average golfers and the back tee box is for excellent golfers.
             The next piece of the puzzle are the fairways. Fairways can be designed very beautifully there are so many different things that you can do with a fairway. When building the fairways there should always be approximately thirty to forty yards between the tee box and the fairway landing area (Richardson).

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