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How religion started

            Imagine you are all alone in a wild place. You know only the following things:.
             Fire keeps you warm and keeps hungry beasts away.
             The sky is above you.
             It gets dark when the big fireball goes down. .
             One day, the sky shakes and bright light flashes through the clouds and a deep crash echoes. You have no idea what it is, except that it is angry and probably dangerous.
             WHAT DO YOU DO?.
             One man built a fire as he would do for other wild beasts. It then began to rain so he built a shelter. The fire went out in the rain so he built another fire beneath the shelter. The smoke covered him so he made a special invention which allowede the smoke out but kept the rain out.(similiar to chimney) But the beast would still not go away so he decided to yell up at it and scare i away. So he piled up the fire with huge sticks and danced around it while yelling loudly up to it. Eventually it went away. .
             The next night it happened again ad the storm came back. This man did the same thing and eventually it went away. Everytime it came he built his fire and it eventually went away. This became part of his life for he didn't know thatit was just a storm which only lasts for 6 hours. He began to make the fire part of his life. ANd began o feed wild animals into the fire for the storm to eat(sacrafice) while still running around the fire and yelling words to the storm(prayer).
             Religion is justa natural part of life.
             BY LAuren .

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