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How does monty pythons the meaning of life express satirical

            How does Monty Pythons "The Meaning of Life" express satirical views or religious beliefs, values and expressions through the use of humour?.
             The meaning of life has become a question that many have pondered for thousands of years. For some, it remains unanswered, and for others, a mystery that they"ll never know. For certain individuals, religion plays a guide to their meaning of life. .
             Monty Pythons "The Meaning of Life" delivers a unique, exaggerated view of what religious denominations such as Roman Catholic and Pagans believe to be their meaning of life. The film could be seen as an attack on religious zealotry and hypocrisy; or as an alternative perspective to religious feelings, beliefs and ideas. In this film the meaning of life is broken down into seven main components where there is much to be learnt, in a very ludicrous way.
             In the opening song, we are confronted with central questions of faith. Do we believe in God and the whole religious apparatus that accompanies him? It also raises the question if we put our faith in modern scientists and their confined view of human beings? Monty's views of these queries are answered throughout the film, expressed through humour and as a parody of Christianity, mainly Catholicism. .
             Firstly, we come across a fish tank with fish's drifting off ever so slowly and greeting eachother with "Goodmorning". Metaphorically, this could be seen as people drifting through their lives, meeting new people on their inner journey along their search for identity. Is this truly the meaning of life? Are we fish, drifting off not knowing what's to come, just accepting change and things as we approach? Possibly! More is revealed throughout the film.
             Birth in the church is seen as a sacred thing, a gesture and a sign of love and commitment. The church believes it to be a miracle and not something to be abused. In Part 1: The Miracle of Birth, birth is seen as a disease, a common plague.

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