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The Quest

             Countless stories have been written throughout the history of man about brave souls setting off on journeys to far away lands where no mortal dare tread for fear of being consumed by unimaginable evils. In the face of all these dangers there have always been those chosen few that stand out from among the rest that are always at the ready to face these daunting tasks. Whether it is slaying dragons in order to claim overwhelming amounts of treasure or rescue a princess being held in a castle tower we have always cheered on these faithful crusaders. History and authors through the ages have deemed it fit to recognize this small fraternity of characters as heroes. In 1975 a gifted group of comedians referring to themselves as Monty Python's Flying Circus became a part of this revered fraternity if for no other reason than to take the mother of all stories that fall into the quest and hero genre and turn it entirely on its head. The story that I am referring to is one that has been around since the early middle ages, The Search for the Holy Grail. In one fell swoop this outrageous troupe of character has managed to take this story for the ages and stamp its own comedic brand of sidespin on it with the making of "Monty Python and the Holy Grail.".
             Although this version of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table's quest for the Holy Grail is anything but classical as far as heroes and quests are concerned, a lot of enduring themes still manage to come through in this comedy. One example of this is the use of the Honor Code throughout the movie. Not only that, but there is also the use of titles and the reciting of the family lineage that takes place in several scenes throughout the movie. In the opening scene King Arthur, "riding" with his trusted squire comes up on a castle and announces his arrival by way of tracing back his family's heritage and the feats that he has accomplished.

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