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Passage To India

            Question: In chapter eleven, Forster illustrates the insufficiencies and limitations of three of the major characters: Mr. Fielding, Dr. Aziz and Adela Quested. This will prove to be significant for determining the course of action each character will take as the novel progresses. In a clear, concise essay, respond to this statement using quotes and .
             examples from the novel. .
             As the Passage to India progresses, many of the characters take form and evolve. The three major characters that continue to evolve thus far in the novel are Mr. Fielding, Dr. Aziz and Adela Quested. Forster illustrates the insufficiencies and limitations of these characters by portraying the opinions through the other character's points of view. Dr. Aziz is seen in a new light during this period of the novel which changes the view of him from someone outside looking in. From the beginning of the novel, Mr. Fielding has been portrayed as the only Englishman who treats the native Indians fairly, but in chapter eleven, he begins to seem more human and flawed. While Mr. Fielding demonstrates his own flaws and idiosyncrasies, he accentuates how inadequate Adela Quested is and how materialistic she appears. By Mr. Fielding and Dr. Aziz's new found opinion of Adela Quested opens one's mind to the possibilities of truth to their views. .
             In this period of the novel, Mr. Fielding and Dr. Aziz's friendship grows closer. They become so close that Dr. Aziz allows himself to show his wife's photograph to Mr. Fielding in hopes to make amends for his rude and unacceptable behavior. When Dr. Aziz shows Mr. Fielding his wife's photograph, he says, "Oh, it's nothing, she was not a highly educated woman or even beautiful, but put it away- (Forster, 125). This demonstrates that he does not display respect for the dead even if the person is his own wife. He believes, "All men are my brothers, and as soon as one behaves as such he may see my wife- (Forster, 125).

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