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History of Hip Hop

             Have you ever wondered when and where your favorite type of music genre originated from? Have you ever wondered who began that generation of music? Well, I have. Hip-Hop and Rap has been an influence in my life as well as many people I know. I have chosen these genres to take a look into their history as well as how it has developed into what we are listening today.
             Many people have said that by listening to these types of music, it influences teens to become violent and start using illegal substances. Some adults have concerns about the lyrics in Hip-Hop and Rap, which contains explicit references to sex, drugs, and racism. However, I believe that even though these artists or performers speak openly about these harsh subjects, they are only telling the audience what they feel and/or think about a certain topic. Each and every audience members should be able to distinguish the rights and wrongs of each topic.
             There were many influences of rap music as early as the 1940's but it never really started developing in the 1970's. Urban DJ's started to manipulate records to make scratching rhythms and other cool sounds. The "rapper" or "emcees" would then start to speak or put words to the music in rhymes. This type of style became known as rap. Some examples of these DJ's are Lovebug, Cool Herc, and Hollywood.
             At the time of the 1970's, many types of music had already taken a leap into the world. In the 50's it was Rock "N" Roll, 60's had Motown, and 1970's was Folk Music. In the 1980's Rap has presented itself in the Bronx, New York and has proven that it is worthy to last a long time. And because of that, many people wanted to join in this new culture because it had no color lines, just love.
             The first real rap group was The Sugar Gang with their single "Rappers" Delight" in 1979. This song was a major influence on many rappers of a later time. The next breakthrough song was "The Message" by Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five.

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