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hell yeah

             What is the legend behind the term "Rainmaker"?.
             In the next scene, young PK is again in boarding school, this one British. He has become a boxing champion, perfecting the "8 Punch Combination" taught him by Geel Piet. He goes to an Afrikaaner trainer, who fights black against whites , believing them to be equal in the ring. The myth of RAINMAKER is revived as an icon of hope for the blacks, oppressed by Afrikaaner rule. .
             PK meets Maria, who has attended a fight in which young PK is nearly defeated and is struck down by love at first sight. She is the daughter of an Apartheid leader, yet love is inevitable. The young PK gets further involved in the politics and the hope of equal rights, and begins to help educate the young blacks to teach, first, English, and learning to live with dignity in a new world. .
             There is an ending to this story and scenes that will make you cry if you have a heart. Telling you would ruin the impact for serious viewers. Does it have a happy ending? If you read the headlines, you know some of the story. This alternative, however, offers hope.
             2. Why did Pete want P.K. to be the Rainmaker?.
             3. What were 2 life lesson Doc Taught P.K.?.
             4. Pete teaches P.K. that "little can beat big" if he does so "first with his head and then with their heart" what does he mean by this? Use examples from the Power of One to explain how P.K. put this advice into practice.
             5. Explain what is meant by the terms "inclusion not exclusion"? Who said it? .
             Inclusion, not exclusion, is the key to survival." What does this mean? To say the least, the definition is clearly stated in The Power of One. Initially, Peekay in The Power of One was isolated by members of his family, and as a result of that he was excluded by society because of his background. Ultimately, he was excluded within his own race because of his actions throughout this story. "One thing got to all of them more than everything else. They couldn't make me cry.

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