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Reaching goals

            To love and care for my family and friends, exceed in my education and carry on with it, and to be happy in any career I hold. One hundred percent of effort will be put in to achieve each goal. .
             The above is the mission statement that would be the way to describe how I try to live my life every day. No matter the job, class, or how far away from my family I may be, the mission statement can motivate me to do the things that must be done. .
             Currently I work for Saturn of Tempe, a car dealership. My position is in the service department as a cashier. The job duties include helping out customers, answering phones, and lots of paperwork. Working for Saturn of Tempe for over five years now has taught me many things and helped me grow. Many strengths and good qualities have come from working there for so long. It has also held me back from many things too, which is where many weaknesses have played a part in life. Recognizing what they are is a way to improve on them. .
             Knowing the job well is an advantage and an important strength. Showing up and doing the job to expectation is expected. By looking at the time card, it is simple to see that tardiness is never a problem. The manager never has to tell what has to be done that day because it is finished before he even has to ask. If a new responsibility is requested, it only has to be asked of once and will always be accepted and completed. For five years of work, there has never been a sick day and requested days off are planed in advanced so that all positions are covered. These strengths will help when it time to find another job that relates to my degree. .
             There are also areas where I found there was need for improvement. Holding a cashier position gives no authority to solve problems that may come up with customers. If anyone has a question about service received on their vehicle, I must contact their service advisor or the service manager. The only control I may have over the situation is who is going to come help them and how fast I can get them over to the customer.

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