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Music marketing

            Every minute of every hour of every day millions and millions of people across the world sit at a computer and download music. Over the past decade internet file sharing has become the way to get the music you like the most. No matter what your genre from country to rap, from rock to gospel, the internet is the place to get it. One of the best things about the file sharing on the internet is it is free. Let us be reasonable now; who would not elect to not pay a single cent versus paying sixteen dollars. Given the fact that the economy is poor and prices are not as affordable as consumers would like them to be, internet file sharing seems to be the best thing, right? Wrong. Rather they know it or not, this seamlessly harmless activity cost the music industry as well as their artist billions of dollars in revenue every year. As a result of the public's reckless intentions to deprive artist and music label employees of a livelihood, labels have been forced to find other avenues in which to generate a suitable income.
             Internet downloading has plummeted Compact Disc sales by thirteen percent the last two years. Sales are expected to decline another eight percent this year. In a study of consumers twelve to forty-four, people that had downloaded more than 100 songs said that their CD purchases declind by 61 %. Another 48% said they do not even purchase CD's anymore because they can download the music for free. .
             One of the most profitable and most popular ways to restore the funds depleted by the enormous wave of file sharing is teaming up and with major companies to promote and sponsor their music. Grammy winning artist Mary J. Blidge teamed up recently with Reebok to promote her new single, Love at First Sight. Her song would be played in Foot Locker across the United States. Reebok would also sponsor a clothling line as well as her tour in 2004. Other artist having the same financial impact have also formed partnerships with big companies.

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