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detective novel

             It described how a detective investigated a murder case. The detective in the story is strictly referred to as "Detective Jiang". The story took place in a small restaurant a long time ago. Detective Jiang was going to have lunch in that restaurant. As he first stepped into the restaurant, he noticed that the waiters in the restaurant all had a peculiar look on their faces. To find out exactly why the waiters had the strange look on their faces, Detective Jiang called for a waiter to both ask some questions and to place an order. After some initial questions, Detective Jiang learned that the restaurant owner's wife had recently passed away in the restaurant from a heart attack, at least according to the waiter's words. However, Detective Jiang was easily able to tell that the waiter was lying to him simply by the way he talked, stuttering and taking occasional glances at the owner of the restaurant out of the corner of his eyes. After the owner had left the restaurant, the waiter returned to Detective Jiang and further informed him that all the restaurant employees suspected the cause of death of the owner's wife. Detective Jiang was told that numerous police officers were present on the day of victim's death, and found that her chest was stabbed and signs of heavy impact on her head was present. The waiter also told Detective Jiang that it was a known secret among all the restaurant employees that the chef of the restaurant and the owner's wife were having an affair. The talkative waiter further informed that it was weird that he found some sand on the restaurant floor as the victim's body was found. Shortly after the conversation with the waiter, another customer in the restaurant approached Detective Jiang and revealed that he was one of the police officers who were present on the day of victim's death. The officer further revealed that some confusing clues had halted the progress of their investigation.

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