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Thomas Hobbes Theory

            Thomas Hobbes wrote that life without government would be life "in a state of nature - solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short". He also thought uncivilized times, in times before government, there existed continual war with "every man, against every man". What has been argued for years is the question of man's state of nature. I believe in Hobbes theory that humans are basically selfish creatures. .
             Man by his basic nature loves himself. It was necessary for the primitive man just to survive. Self-preservation is a basic instinct and, I believe basic instincts lead to a basic nature. "Survival of the fittest" comes to mind. After basic survival was mastered, then man was drawn to pleasure which is another basic instinct. One naturally seeks whatever pleases him, using whatever tools to achieve this goal - power, ambition, greed, lust, even taking from others. "Taking care of number one!" also comes to mind.
             Therefore man's basic nature, I believe, is self love driven to seek whatever makes him happy, however he can, unless constraints are in place- constraints such as morals, religious beliefs, social consciousness, or government. This basic nature started as survival, but I believe the seeds still continue to exist. .
             Some people would say this is a pessimistic attitude, but how can you not feel this way when you read the news. There is never a day when someone has not committed a "white collar" crime, or numerous numbers of people are killed. You perceive the theory of "every man against every man", as Hobbes stated, even with constraints/government in place. I fear to imagine our society without government. .
             A good argument for my belief in man's basic nature would be Iraq. The United States invaded and destroyed their government. With no constraints in place, there was chaos. The people went wild, even looting and destroying their own museum. I supported the President in ending the regime of Hussain, however I was shocked the United States government did not have some kind of plan in place for civil order.

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