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The Night of Broken Hearts

            One tranquil summer's night, on the big night of the Matric Dance, John Nash finally decided to take his daring and mind-blowing chance, whether or not to ask his dream girlfriend out. At that particular moment in time, he began to walk slowly towards her across the hall, step by step, closer and closer, admiring her astounding beauty at the same time. Strolling along, his heart was beating faster and faster; actually it was so fast that he could hear it apart from the noise of the crowd. But all of a sudden, John was halted by his wacky friend.
             "Yo my china watsup, what are you doing here all alone man," asked Pilez. John said nothing at first then smiled.
             "No man, I"m gonna ask that chick over there in our standard for a date".
             Pilez complained, "Nash man, how many times must I tell you, my grandmother looks better than that.".
             "Pilez you oxy-generian, not Gesel Gina, it's the chick on the left over there, in the red dress," shouted Nash.
             Oh yah, she's hot, I see that she talks to you often, well then, my chick is waiting over there, good luck with "Ms Nash"," stated Pilez.
             "Ya good luck with your grot," replied Nash. Pilez shows the finger. Nash continues his journey to the moon but unfortunately his trip was again aborted when his dream chick was sitting next to another guy. Crash!.
             Nash's whole life had been wreaked that very instant, for his planned future would seem so bleak. John slowly retreated to a chair opposite the drinks table, near to the entrance of the hall, gradually trying to come face to face with reality but he just felt worse.
             "Nash, what's with da gloomy face, did the chick dump you after two seconds?" questioned Pilez.
             John replied, "No Pilez, if I told you, I would have to kill you if you told anyone else!" .
             "Nash just tell me, I"m your main-er owen, you can trust me," argued Pilez.
             John replied with a dull sad face, "Fine, I seen her sitting- sitting next to another guy".
             Pilez bursted out laughing, "Ha ha ha, you suck man, you suck," and thereafter he followed his girlfriend back to the dance floor.

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