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Did the Founding Fathers Believe in Democracy?

             Democracy by its very definition is a system of government in which ultimate political authority is vested in the people. The founding fathers although familiar with the idea and concept of a democracy bowed more towards a republican-aristocracy were reputation and education more often prevailed. Around a decade earlier Thomas Jefferson essay "The Declaration of Independence" proposed a government for the people by the people, and who held the power to keep or overthrow that government. .
             The first step toward governmental reform came in 1787 in Philadelphia, were delegates from various states attended in hopes to revise the "Articles of Confederation." Here various famous countrymen argued and quarreled as to how our future legislature would be comprised. They decided best for a bicameral congress were the legislature would be made up of two separate assemblies, one being the House of Representatives, and the other the Senate. Selection of the Senate would be indirect, for its members were to be named by the state legislature. Even the House of Representatives the only mass voted branch was to be filled with wealthy and upstanding citizens. .
             In electing a leader to rule this new government, the delegates enrolled what is known as an Electoral College which is far from the description of modern day usage. These delegates designed this electoral process to bring in wise and experienced leaders into office. Here these reputable leaders would decide who they seemed best fit for presidency. Although the present Electoral College is selected by voters, these electors still vote and choose the president and vise president of their choosing. .

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