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Scholars Interpret The Constitution

             The book Vindicating the Founders: Race, Sex, Class, and justice in the origins of America were written by Thomas West in 1997 through 2001. Thomas West undoubtedly supports the constitution, it's framers, and the way it was applied to our society for the first few decades of the nations history. One of his main points is that the constitution did not limit underrepresented groups, but it actually turned power over to states, which liberated and constrained liberty. Likewise, west stresses that every founder believed slavery was morally wrong. West provides key information that Washington, Adams, Franklin, Madison, Hamilton, Otis, and Jay denounce the practice of slavery, he also states that they thought it was morally wrong. As far as the federal government goes, .
             West makes a point that the federal government banned slavery in the future southwest states of Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi. West thought that the framers failed to see the future of Southern prejudice and dependence on slavery. Another one of his main arguments was that the constitution ushered in radical economic changes. He argues that the founders thought it was the best and most efficient system for commerce and production. He also notes that many forgot about civic duty and only focused on making money. Thomas West also made many other good points about women's rights and equality's. However, there are many weaknesses in West's arguments. They include his dogmatic language, ideological approach, and equation of correlated items as causal factors. He also does not offer the reader much information on how long slavery lasted in northern states. Likewise, he fails to mention that both northern and southern states in the Revolution permitted blacks to serve and possess weapons.
             Charles A. Beard wrote An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States. Published in 1913, Charles Beard interpretation of the constitution is that the Constitution as adopted by the delegates meeting in independence Hall at Philadelphia in 1787 represented a triumph.

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